1. Rosamund Pike's New Film Role

    By daniel on 2002-10-01

    Die Another Day is yet to premier in cinemas and Rosamund Pike is already making moves to move beyond the ‘Bond Girl’ image. Pike, who plays Miranda Frost in Die Another Day, has landed a lead role in Castle of Lies..

    Empire Online has reported on the films plotline;

    Set in New Zealand, the movie will apparently be an ‘erotic and devastating’ love story based on the life of William Lanarch, a politician who built New Zealand’s first castle before he decided to off himself in a particularly public manner by shooting himself in the country’s Parliament in 1898. Financial ruin and the small detail of discovering his ex-wife’s affair with his son might have had something to do with it.

    Pike will play the ‘ex-wife’ with actor James Caan also signed up for the film.

    Filming begins later this month.

    Thanks to Dave for the tip-off.