1. Pieces of Full Trailer online

    By Tim Roth on 2002-10-01

    English TV station ITN showed some pieces from the full trailer today. The following is an eye-witness account of forum user ‘eddy’ who saw the report. As it contains spoiler, you’ll have to highlight it to read.

    Spoiler (Highlight To Read)

    I have recently viewed the new trailer for the James Bond Movie, ITN Englands premier news station has just showed the trailer all be it in a very fragmented form. The trailer makes a big thing about bond being trapped and then abandoned with M, played by Judi Dench quoting

    ‘your freedom had simply too high a price’

    The rest of the trailer features many sequences which we had only heard about, such as the dragster ice boat and bond gadget laden surf board. One thing that has stuck in my mind was a small sequence featuring Gustav Graves, on a very hi-tech operating table with a cable mask unveiling his face which gives some fuel the face chaning rumours we’ve all heard.

    Another stand out moment for me was when Miranda Frost warns Bond to be carefull, is she a traitor or not?

    The Website of ITV features the report as Real Media Streaming as well, it can be found here. Dark Horizons report that the full trailer will be shown on “Access Hollywood” tomorrow.

    Be sure to discuss the trailer in this thread in our Die Another Day Forums! And thanks to ‘eddy’ and ‘RE007HQ1’ for the tip-off!