1. Leaked Theme Song Was Different Mix

    By Tim Roth on 2002-09-30

    As CBn reported yesterday, a New York Radio Station leaked the Die Another Day Theme song written and sung by Madonna. Forum user ‘robster006’ and some Madonna Fansites can now reveal that this version of the song wasn’t the actual one. As many people who had heard the leaked version supposed, the song which will be used for the Opening Credits, will be different.

    The new version which was leaked by UK Radio Station “Radio 1” in a show hosted by Jo Whiley is tad slower and sounds more natural. Forum user ‘robster006’ wrote, “People complaining about her voice being high pitched and too effects heavy, can calm down, since her voice sounds a LOT more natural in the genuine version!”

    Be sure to discuss this subject in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums! And thank you to ‘robster006’ for the tip-off!