1. Clearer Version Of One Sheet Online

    By daniel on 2002-09-30

    The French Club James Bond has just revealed a clearer version of the Die Another Day One Sheet poster, at this stage it is still believed to be the International One Sheet.

    While it’s still not a full version of the poster more details can be found in the poster including previously released images from the hovercraft sequence, the ‘Ice Ballet’ and the surfing sequence.

    Also present are images of Rosamund Pike, who’s photo is sadly reduced to a single corner despite her being one of the Bond Girls. Halle Berry has again got almost equal visual billing with Pierce Brosnan.

    If you’d like to view the poster visit the French Club James Bond and click on ‘exclusif : l’affiche DAD’.

    If you’d like to discuss the poster please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    Thanks to ‘level’ for alerting us to it.