1. Brilliant new 'DAD' pictures online!

    By Tim Roth on 2002-09-26

    German Web Magazine “Chip online” has published some great, partly spoiling pictures from Die Another Day, so be sure not to check them out if you don’t want to see them!

    The whole gallery can be found here, some pictures are known already because they appeared in Magazines and on the internet earlier this year.

    Now a list of the most interesting pictures featuring on Chip Online.

    Spoiler Warning [Highlight To Read!]

    Picture #1: Remember that scene in the 2nd Teaser Trailer, when Bond swims under the surface of a frozen lake? It seems this photo was taken after James Bond gets out of the water.

    Picture #2: This scene will take place during the Virtual Reality Sequence: Bond aiming at terrorists.

    Picture #3: A scene we saw briefly in the first Teaser Trailer: Halle Berry’s Character Jinx on a computer, most likely in a Cuban Hospital.

    Picture #4: Back in March, when scenes were shot in Eden Project, Cornwall, we heard some rumours that Halle Berry will rope down from one of the domes. This seems to be a late confirmation for it.

    Picture #5: We know this photo already from, but here we have a clear version. Rumours were saying that the lady is Silvia Trench, who appeared as Bond’s Girlfriend in ‘Dr. No’ and ‘From Russia with Love’. No Confirmation anyway.

    Picture #6 and Picture #7: Wow! Two of the first high quality pictures from the sword fight between Gustav Graves and James Bond. The fight takes place in Blades Club, everything is looking very expensive and kind of royal, some other fighters are attending.

    Picture #7: Seems like a scene taking place in Blades Club as well, featuring Miranda Frost, Gustav Graves and James Bond.

    Picture #8: Now this picture might be a Major Spoiler! On the right we see General Moon, the peace-loving father of Colonel Moon. Gustav Graves in a Korean Military Uniform and Miranda Ever Sexy Looking Forst are attending as well. Now a question: Is Graves finally Colonel Moon? One of the first rumours about Bond 20 we heard was saying that there will be a Facial Transformation System. We know the photos of Zao, but could Colonel Moon have done such a Transformation and become Gustav Graves? This picture looks like it. Seems Miranda is the bad girl, Jinx the good one. But who knows actually?

    Picture #9: Where are Jinx, Bond and Robinson?

    Picture #10: What the hell is that?

    Picture #11: Zao is threatening Jinx who is caught on a table. A reference to the world famous scene from ‘Goldfinger’

    Anyway, great pictures here! Be sure to discuss everything in this thread of the CBn Die Another Day Forums!