1. Worth another shot… in September

    By Helmut Schierer on 2012-10-01

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    ‘… wake me up when September ends.’


    I actually wanted to use this line right after putting the last full stop under the August version of our new thingy (and I see only now I didn’t put a full stop there either; well, can’t be helped). And now I was close to missing the beginning of October for real. Happens…


    Follows opinion. Mine, and mine only. If you want one of your own – fine, go and form one.




    Well, September once more has seen a flurry of activity on the Bond-‘Skyfall’ front: new stills, magazines, posters, a new TV spot. Even a new synopsis, in case the old one wasn’t already mouth-watering enough. While our attention was diverted with all manner of ‘Skyfall’ stuff – beer ads and videoblogs inclusive –  Charlie Higson quietly usurped the role of James Bond. Nobody objected, not even with an ‘…isnotjamesbond.babble’ website. This is how it’s done. Listen and learn, Eon.


    In short it was a downright craze and we’ve got nearly everything – except what fans really want: the main title song and who’s doing it. Rumour has it it’s already confirmed.


    And yet there have been a few things that deserve a closer, a second look (remember the headline?).


    The Guardian – of all newspapers – bought us a ticket-to-distant-joys and that article is really worth a read. Thanks to ‘quantumofsolace’ for that one (though I have no clue what that guy’s screenname means; anyway, thanks aplenty).


    Then there was this Incredible Suit guy and how he got exclusive ‘Casino Royale’ concept art from Daniel Kleinman. Splendid stuff and a must-read.


    Meanwhile our friends from Her Majesty’s Secret Servant have not been idle either. They took the trouble to examine past Bond box office numbers and assumed what ‘Skyfall’ probably was expected to top. While most of this is tricky territory that only the accountants themselves will ever know for sure the folks at HMSS also have news of a more hands-on nature especially for – well-endowed – US fans. Tribeca Film Institute, NYC will have a November 1st showing of ‘Skyfall’ at their premises. Prices start at $ 1.000. A fan’s got to spend what a fan’s got to spend…


    What did CBn do all this while, you ask? Well, there has been the odd activity. Apart from reporting most of the above we’ve sent Simon Firth to do an interview with Sky Producer David Millard, the man behind their exceptional promo trailer for their SkyMovies007HD channel. Definitely deserves a read, or a second one even.


    And Jacques Stewart carries on his mission to view 23 007th minutes and share his impressions (for an example see The 007th Minute of ‘You Only Live Twice‘). Currently the front page published the first five of these gems. But insiders know Jim is already a little ahead and the best is yet to come. Members of the CBn forums do not have to wait till a lazy front page desk staffer (me) gets around to finally publish them. You can have an exclusive preview, and for much less than $ 1.000. Actually it’s free.


    Free – now, according to experience I can end this shot here, as most people will not read a lot more after such a term appears in a text.


    ‘Worth another shot’ will return… in November.