1. Bond running upstream…

    By Helmut Schierer on 2012-09-20

    The evil Franken van Banken (Julia Collier); image by courtesy Lyndsey Jones

    ‘Martini Bond’, that is. The play that garnered numerous positive – no, downright raving – reviews already during its run at the Camden Fringe Festival last August is finally moving to Barking’s Broadway Theatre, where it will be centre part of their ‘Bond Week‘ starting tonight. And here the exploits of James Bond’s daughter will take the chance to reach a wider audience beyond the limited seats of the Broadway’s tiers.  As their website informs us the play will be live-streamed from tomorrow, Friday 21th here. But playwright Lyndsey Jones’ blog WomanBitesDog tipped us off they will have a full-scale emergency exercise test run tonight, so eager fans can get to see ‘Martini Bond – The Hunt for The Spy Who Loved Her Mum’ already this evening (from 9.00pm).



    ‘Bond Week’ at the Broadway Theatre starts tonight and runs through 23rd September. It also includes ‘00 and his 7‘, a dance performance by the London Ballet Company  (also live-streamed from 7.45pm) and a free exhibition of Judith Walker cartoons.