1. Details On Hollywood Reporter Special Bond Edition

    By daniel on 2002-09-24

    With the celebrations for the release of ‘Die Another Day’ and the 40th Anniversary of the cinematic Bond series loom it stands to reason that Bond fans will be able to find many special edition magazines about Bond this November. The Hollywood Reporter have just released details on their special James Bond edition:

    “THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER’s James Bond 40th Anniversary Issue will be available in November 2002, just in time for the premiere of DIE ANOTHER DAY. Get inside information on cinema’s most enduring spy from the entertainment industry’s leading trade publication. The 35th Anniversary Issue immediately sold out and is now a rare collector’s item. Don’t miss out on this one — pre-order your copy today!”

    The cover art for the special issue has yet to be finalised. Be sure to pre-order a copy soon by clicking here where you can find information for US and international orders.

    The Hollywood Reporter’s James Bond 40th Anniversary Issue is’s latest ‘must buy’ item.