1. Goldfinger Part Of Forbes Fictional Fifteen

    By daniel on 2002-09-24

    He’s the man with the Midas Touch and he’s been ranked as one of America’s Richest in The Forbes Fictional Fifteen. He is none other than the cinematic incarnation of Auric Goldfinger.

    With a networth of US$1.2 billion Auric Goldfinger finds himself in the number 10 place. While he fends off competition from the likes of C. Montgomery Burns and Cruella De Vil it seems Goldfinger will never be able to take the top spot. That position is held by Santa Clause who, according to Forbes, has a networth of infinite wealth. Also in competition to Goldfinger are the likes of Bruce Wayne, Willie Wonka and Scrooge McDuck.

    According to Forbes Goldfinger is aged 51 and the source of his wealth is Gold and Commodities Training. Their biography of Goldfinger reads;

    Built fortune trading commodities with special talent for dealing in gold bullion. “Gold is in my name, and it’s my passion. I love it more ways than I can count.” Recently expanded into low-tech U.S. investments, buying and renovating Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises and aging Miami Beach hotels. Secretive and rarely seen, rumored to spend much time in native Planitz, Germany, closely guarded by manservant Oddjob. Passion for gambling in all forms, from gin rummy to golf to horse racing. Hates to lose; rarely does. Member since 1964.