1. Madonna Confirms Role

    By daniel on 2002-09-24

    In an interview with Genre magazine Madonna has spoken of her two roles in Die Another Day; that is, of the title song and of her cameo role.

    To begin with, Madonna has confirmed earlier reports that her role in Die Another Day would be that of James Bond’s fencing instructor. Obviously, the role will see her on screen opposite Pierce Brosnan. There is still no word on how long Madonna will be seen on screen, thought it was recently revealed that her characters name is Verity.

    Of the theme song for Die Another Day Madonna has told Genre, “The song I wrote for the Bond film is about destroying your ego, and it’s juxtaposing the metaphor of, you know, the fight against good and bad, and it’s set inside the whole universe of Bond. Like all Bond films, somebody’s chasing him or he’s chasing somebody and it’s always a fight against good and evil. I wanted to take it to another level. It’s kind of a metaphor.. I’m fighting myself.”

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