1. Sir Roger Moore on ‘Piers Morgans Life Stories’ Tonight.

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-09-14

    James Bond legend Sir Roger Moore, is set to unveil all tonight as the brand new series of Piers Morgans Life Stories’ kicks off at 9:00pm.

    Moore, 84, will make some shocking revelations as he openly discusses his experiences of domestic abuse as well as his thoughts on the James Bond franchise.

    Speaking about his rocky relationship with his first wife, Doorn van Steyn, Moore revealed,  ‘[Doorn] would scratch me. She threw a pot of tea at me. I’d been sunbathing in the garden, I came up and I’d taken off my pants and I gave her some smart Alec answer and this teapot came hurtling at me.”

    The full interview with Sir Roger Moore can be seen on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories tonight at 9pm on ITV1.