1. Dr. No, A Summary

    By The CBn Team on 2002-09-29

    James Bond
    Sean Connery

    Honey Ryder
    Ursula Andress

    Dr. Julius No
    Joseph Wiseman

    Felix Leiter
    Jack Lord

    Bernard Lee

    Major Boothroyd
    Peter Burton

    Anthony Dawson

    John Kitzmiller

    Sylvia Trench
    Eunice Gayson

    Miss Taro
    Zena Marshall

    Miss Moneypenny
    Lois Maxwell

    Lester Pendergast

    John Strangways
    Timothy Moxon

    Mr. Jones
    Reggie Carter

    Terence Young

    Albert R. Brocolli
    and Harry Saltzman

    Richard Maibum,
    Johanna Harwood,
    Berkley Mather

    Production Designer
    Ken Adam

    Peter Hunt

    Director of Photography
    Ted Moore

    Monty Norman

    Release Dates:
    UK – 5th October 1962
    US – 8th May 1963

    Running Time:
    105 minutes


    Total Gross:

    (inflation adjusted 2002)

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    Dr. No

    The Gadgets of Dr. No
    at James Bond Multimedia

    When a communications breakdown occurs between MI6 and Jamaican operative John Strangways, James Bond is thrown head first into an exotic cocktail of thrills that plays out from Kingston to Crab Key in an all out attempt to hunt down a reclusive megalomaniac

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    On arrival in Jamaica it soon becomes apparent that John Strangways and his secretary have been murdered, prompted by the disappearance of classified information on Dr.No and his operations, James Bond follows the trail to the seemingly respectable Professor Dent. A brief but standoffish encounter with Bond forces the Professor to inform his eccentric employer Dr.No of Bond’s discovery of radioactive rock samples originating from Crab Key.

    After a failed attempt to kill Bond, Dent travels to Magenta Drive 239, the home of the beautiful femme fatale Miss Taro. Waiting patiently, Bond is comforted by his Walther, and a cigarette. The unwitting professor arrives, pummelling the body of pillows that lie under the covers on Miss Taro’s bed. Bond doesn’t think twice.

    The journey begins by sailboat to Crab Key accompanied by CIA operatives Quarrel and Felix Leiter, Bond and Quarrel continue their journey, Leiter doubles back to alert the authorities if Bond fails to complete his mission within the next twelve hours. The following morning Bond meets an unexpected visitor to Crab Key, the stunning Honey Ryder. Honey, whose father was killed on the island, is dragged into the ensuing escape from Dr.No’s private army who scour the island for the unwelcome guests, killing Quarrel in the process.

    After the necessity of the decontamination chamber in Dr.No’s private headquarters Dr.No extends his brief hospitality to Bond and Honey, and Bond finally meets the recluse who plans to single-handedly destroy the American space program. The discussions don’t last long however, and Bond soon finds himself avoiding death while crawling through a red-hot ventilator shaft en-route to the main control room, where a man to man confrontation ends atop the vat of heavy water in the hub that controls Dr.No’s operations.