1. Donations: Please Help Keep CBn Online

    By David Winter on 2002-09-22

    CBn is now back…what do you all think? Please leave all your feedback at this thread in the CBn Forums.

    Now we have our new dedicated server, the costs of upkeep are a lot more, than that of a year ago. The donations from CBn’s last campaign have nearly gone, but it did the job, in keeping the server online, coping with over 5 million hits each month and rising this month.

    It’s time to ask for your financial support…again.

    We’ve proved that we can jump the biggest of hurdles because we have kept on running against the odds.

    Even when the site has been down – we’ve always come back, bigger and better. And during our latest “incident”, our forums reached the milestone of 1000 members – without the support of the main site – that can’t be bad.

    So, if you can give a donation (please click on the button below), however big or small, it will help to keep the site running.

    As always, I want to emphasise that every penny, cent etc goes into the site costs.

    Each and every member on the site works on a totally voluntary basis, purely wanting to promote the James Bond phenomenon – nothing more, nothing less.