1. CBn Is Back…As Promised

    By David Winter on 2002-09-15

    Around a month ago, it didn’t look as though CBn would survive. However, the team have been hard at work the last month, and today we present back to you, CBn.

    For regular CBn visitors, you’ll notice the return of the “Latest Post” feature at the top right of all pages. This keeps you up-to-date on the discussions going on in the CBn Forums which have recently reached the 1000 member mile stone. Also, the Search function is back so that visitors can search through our content, and for your convienience, we’ve added a small search box on each page, over on the right hand column.

    Due to the legal pressures we’ve had, the site has been forced to create new graphics for the entire site. The CBn Team have been hard at work all the time we’ve been down, creating new graphics for the films, games and other sections all around the site.

    In addition, for the safety of the fans, the producers of the James Bond films stated that we had to remove all images from the films etc.

    A big thankyou to Greg for working hard and taking up his time while on Holiday to complete the new web script for CBn. Thanks for putting up with me 😉 Another big thankyou to Evan for the new CBn graphics – even with the legal barriers, the graphics have come out looking fantastic.

    A big thankyou all the rest of the team who’ve helped the site get through the last traumatic month, and I ask everyone to raise their martini’s to the future of CBn!

    “We were shaken, but not stirred.”