1. Moore Best Bond, Friction With Dalton Says Glen

    By daniel on 2001-04-24

    Teletext UK have layed their hands on John Glen’s new book For My Eyes Only and he’s talked extensively about Bond – seeing he directed 5 of the 19 films and is best known for them you guess he would!

    Glen directed For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A View To A Kill, The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill. Octopussy is his favourite.

    He says: “Roger Moore will go down as the definitive Bond. He brought humour to the part and had made the role his own by the time of The Spy Who Loved Me.”

    Both his favourite Bond and his favourite film could come as a shock to some fans. Though I’m not discrediting Moore – I love his Bond but by the time of Octopussy I found swinging from vine to vine a little rediculous.

    In the book Glen has also revealed that there was on set friction between himself and Timothy Dalton.

    “He wanted to play 007 with his hands in his pockets and slouching about. Bond wouldn’t do that – he’s not a slob,” Glen reveals. “We had at least one shouting match. Yet Tim’s Bond films stand up better now. Licence To Kill was the most violent of the 007 movies and suffered censorship, but we had to keep up with films like Rambo.”

    Licence To Kill may be the reason why MGM/UA dumped Glen as director.

    No matter how polite Glen is about Dalton, it’s clear that the two are not bosom buddies.

    When Dalton learned that Glen would be directing Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, he walked off. He cited “creative differences” says Glen, “whatever that means”.

    He adds: “I don’t know whether Tim thought appearing in another John Glen film would typecast him but I hope his departure wasn’t entirely due to me.”

    The report on Teletext UK goes on to say:

    As editor of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, John Glen says: “We must exclude George Lazenby from our appraisal of 007s – he was out of his depth.

    “He had no acting experience and he lost interest after a while. And his relationship with Diana Rigg deteriorated as the movie went on.”

    It’s well worth a read. If anyone lays their hands on the book please send us in a review!

    Finally, it was revealed that Glen is working on a new film called “Skinning The Cat” and it will star none other than Roger Moore.