1. Empire Magazine shows James Bond back in Action!

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-08-30

    As the publicity machine for Skyfall prepares to go into meltdown, Empire magazine was the first on the scene to give us a mouthwatering preview of Daniel Craig’s third outing of James Bond.

    As well as taking the front cover, James Bond returns in the October Edition of Empire Magazine, complete with an exciting batch of brand new photo’s which is enough to send any Bond fan into non stop excitement. Pictures include Bond and Patrice fighting on top of a train, Bond ready for action in an exciting two page spread, Bond and Severine sitting in the Floating Dragon Casino, complete with Bonds signature Vodka Martini, which is enough to convince anyone that thinks Bond is sticking to Heineken when he returns on October 26th. CBn doesn’t want to ruin all the surprises, though. Many more pictures are included, as well as an exciting article and maybe just a small snippet of dialogue from the film.

    The October Edition of Empire is on sale RIGHT NOW. So head out and grab a copy to satisfy your Bond needs.