1. Evening Standard – ‘Even the best 007s are not safe, Mr Bond’

    By Helmut Schierer on 2012-08-14

    Yesterday’s Evening Standard had one intriguing story on Michael G. Wilson speaking at a culture industry seminar during the Olympic Games in London. Wilson supposedly went on record with claims EON would have no problem to move onward and replace Craig, should the need arise.

    From the article:

    Recalling the decision to axe Craig’s predecessor, Wilson said: “Pierce [Brosnan] was well-liked and the grosses were going up. But we knew we had to change things before they started to taper off. Bond is the star. He is bigger than any actor that portrays him.”

    Read the entire Evening Standard story here.


    While emphasis should be placed on the fact this is in no way the first time EON (or its constituents) seem to contradict earlier statements, it could be speculated this tiny piece of publicly placed information might indicate negotiations about Craig’s future contract have entered a crucial phase.

    However, chances are the public will not become much more aware of this beyond what the Standard piece implies.


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