1. Next five-shooter of John Gardner’s Bond out now

    By Helmut Schierer on 2012-08-01


    News about fresh James Bond reprints seem to come in by the hour these days. Right now it’s about the next consignment of Orion Books’ brand new John Gardner paperback reprints. According to The Book Bond the novels ‘Scorpius’, ‘Win, Lose or Die’, ‘Licence to Kill’, ‘The Man from Barbarossa’ and ‘Death is Forever’ are now shipping to readers and bookstores. Orion’s final four Bond paperbacks by John Gardner are due out in November 2012, by which time all the Gardner-Bonds will be available in print again.

    Together with the recent omnibus reprints of Raymond Benson’s James Bond continuations, and the fresh print run – with new cover design – of Charlie Higson’s Young Bond series all official continuations (not counting film tie-ins here) centring on the character ‘James Bond’ will be available for 007’s  60th anniversary in 2013. Plus one new entry by William Boyd.

    When ever was there more material to get about literature’s most celebrated secret agent?



    As always thanks to John Cox and The Book Bond for the tip.