1. ‘Happy Birthday Mr Bond’ – Roger Moore and Irka Bochenko

    By Helmut Schierer on 2012-07-13



    Slowly new details on Roger Moore’s upcoming duet with his ‘Moonraker’ co-star Irka Bochenko emerge. According to Luc Le Clech of the Club James Bond France the initiative for this venture started out with Bochenko, perhaps best known amongst Bond fans as Venini Glass receptionist and one of Hugo Drax’s most alluring employees. The actress and singer proposed a birthday serenade in honour of 007’s five decades of silver screen presence. And who better to team her up with than Sir Roger, who for generations of fans was James Bond, and whose voice for many of them will always remain James Bond’s.

    Club James Bond France acted as go-between and Sir Roger readily agreed to join the fun. Mrs Bochenko met him in Genova, where his voice was recorded for the aptly titled ‘Happy Birthday Mr Bond’, music and lyrics written by Irka Bochenko herself. A limited edition album of only 500 copies is set to be released this September. The album will contain three more songs in English and French.

    Many thanks to Luc Le Clech for providing background information on this.

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    Here is a first sample of ‘Happy Birthday Mr Bond’