1. Bond has NOT replaced his Martini in ‘Skyfall’

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-07-08

    Sam Mendes has confirmed that James Bond has not ditched his Martini in favour of Heineken. Recent Tabloid reports suggested that Bond will in fact replace his signature Martini for beer in the upcoming James Bond movie. Speaking to GQ Magazine, Mendes said “There is a moment where he drinks Heineken, or rather a beer. But there is a story reason for that. And he does drink other things…”

    There wasn’t really any kind of doubt that this would be the case however, as Bond fans already knew that EON Productions have had a long standing product placement with Heineken, and it was just the media blowing things out of proportion.  Bond took a sip of beer in 2008’s ‘Quantum of Solace’ but still managed to down 6 vodka martini’s.

    Skyfall opens in the UK on October 26th.