1. ECTS NightFire Trailer

    By David Winter on 2002-09-13

    Gamespot have published the NightFire trailer that was shown at ECTS.

    The trailer is available for download from the PC, X-Box and Gamecube gamespaces on the Gamespot website. However, after watching the trailer – it’s hard to tell if this trailer is for all versions, or just for one of the console versions featureing the driving levels, as clips of this part of the game are shown.

    The clips from the driving levels look absolutely fantastic – and for a PC gamer, like myself, it’ll be a big shame not to see them in the PC version (however, we’ll have a better mulitplayer game than the consoles!).

    We see the driving levels in two different perspectives, 3rd and 1st person. If you’ve played “Command & Conquer Renegade” – you’ll know that in this game you can switch between the perspectives as there are tactical advantages to do so in certain parts of gameplay. I’m assuming this will be done with the driving levels – you can either be seated inside the Aston Martin Vanquish, or view it from outside, while taking out those nasty henchman.

    CBn Forums user, “JLMuench” recently posted a snippet from the Official Playstation 2 magazine which claims that the main aspect of gameplay, while in Bond’s shoes, will also have a 3rd person perspective:

    “The rationale behind it was that in some situations you want to increase the drama by forcing the players view of certain things. For instance, Bond might be moving past a window and you want him to be able to see the position of the guards behind the window so that he can time his movement correctly. If you do that in first-person, you don’t know where the camera’s looking at any given moment.”

    However, in this new trailer, we don’t see any of this, only a 1st person perspective. So if the news from the Official Playstation 2 magazine is correct, we may also see function where we can switch between perspectives.