1. ‘There is only one Bond’ – first glimpse on new covers at The Book Bond

    By Helmut Schierer on 2012-06-28

    Today John Cox’s website The Book Bond, dedicated to the latest news in James Bond’s literary world, revealed an interesting development. Vintage Books, the current holder of a ten year licence to publish Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, intends to publish the fourteen books with two entirely different cover artworks, the classic series (see their covers here), and what Vintage call their contemporary James Bond series.  The first seven of these can be seen at The Book Bond’s story here.

    While the classic series adopts a distinctively minimalistic, yet ingenious approach – minus the author’s name! – the contemporary series features a much more conventional photographic artwork that nonetheless wasn’t seen in this manner on Bond covers before. The theme is a man’s silhouette alone in the middle distance, put into the various settings of the respective novels, all done in b/w, with the title in gold. The most intriguing detail is the claim ‘There is only one Bond’ on each cover.

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    Thanks to John Cox for the alert.