1. The Closing Of The JBIFC

    By daniel on 2002-09-10

    Sadly the James Bond 007 International Fan Club, the JBIFC, have announced its closure. The website and other merchandising outlets of The James Bond OO7 International Fan Club, including ‘OO7’ MAGAZINE, have ceased to trade as of today.

    The JBIFC was founded in 1979 as the British fan club and since the beginning had always published the publishing ‘Double-O-Seven’ Magazine. In 1983 The James Bond British Fan Club was taken over by Graham Rye, who remained the clubs Creative Director until its closure.

    Aside from the ‘Double-O-Seven’ Magazine the JBIFC was also responsible for the holding of events at venues such as Pinewood Studios, Planet Hollywood, the Odeon Leicester Square, and The National Film Theatre and also for the creation of unique James Bond merchandise.

    The JBIFC also owned a huge collection of 007 film props and other rare memorabilia. There is no word yet as to what will happen to the merchandise with the clubs closure.

    It’s role in James Bond fandom will be sorely missed.

    The clubs website is still in operation at and is definitely worth a look, however, the site may not remain open for much longer.