1. Official Site Updates With Trailer No. 2

    By David Winter on 2002-09-06

    The Official Site has just updated with a new Teaser Trailer! The much anticipated trailer arrived on the site today, and just after having a look at it, I must say it is excellent.

    The trailer starts with [spoiler]The MGM Lion drowned out by the fanfare of the opening bars of the Bond theme, then we see a "telescope effect" around Jinx as she emerges from the water. The camera then cuts to Bond dressed in the blue summer shirt, binoculars in hand, quipping "Magnificent view…"
    We then see Bond and Jinx meeting each other on the beach in Cuba, "My friends call me Jinx", Brosnan, cigar in hand replies "My friends call me James Bond," Jinx notes "That's a bit of a mouthful."

    I won't synopsise the entire trailer, I'll merely note that possibly the most interesting aspect of the trailer is at the end, when Bond is seen pointing his P99 at someone off-screen, saying "So, you live to die another day…" (an obvious quote from Housman), I can only assume he is talking to Graves.[/spoiler]

    The confidence in MGMs marketing grows marginally stronger with this trailer, but, much to my chagrin, there seems to be no reference to the[spoiler]three years in which bond is kept captive[/spoiler], and no dramatic American voice over, as seen in the last teaser, perhaps these issues will be dwelled on in the final release trailer?

    All this aside, if you want to download the excellent trailer, it is found at the Official site in both streaming Quicktime and Windows Media Formats.

    The trailer is also open for discussion in this thread of the Die Another Day forums. Enjoy!