1. Aston Martin’s DBS vanishes – in favour of the Vanquish

    By Helmut Schierer on 2012-06-22


    This week Aston Martin unveiled its replacement for the popular DBS model – the new Vanquish. While the casual viewer may agree that it’s a nice car, there may have also been the odd question regarding the whereabouts of the new Vanquish, not entirely jokingly perhaps. Indeed, despite presenting somewhat more rounded lines and contours the new Vanquish above all features the very distinctive and by now well-known Aston-Martin-ness. Evolution, not revolution, is the manufacturer’s basic premise of development.

    Traditionally the models from Gaydon on paper leave nothing to be desired, and the new Vanquish is no exception here: a V12 engine with 565bhp accelerates the car’s 1739kg in next-to-nothing beyond every sensible speed-limit – as well as most  insensible ones, one assumes. And there is no reason to question the car’s actual performance on road or racetrack. In return for a small fortune customers acquire a machine in its own league and a veritable objet d’art, a sculpture of motion and emotion.

    Meanwhile shrewd eyes have detected an interesting titbit in the ‘Configure your Vanquish’ section of the company’s website. The car can be had in both ‘Quantum Silver’ and ‘Skyfall Silver’. Top Gear also picked up this and spoke to the company, asking them if the new model would feature in the upcoming ‘Skyfall’. Sadly this is not the case. Both options are merely there to remind customers of the long association between Bond and Aston Martin. And there is in fact another option for the Vanquish that might appeal to Bond himself. The car can be ordered as a 2+2 seater and as a real two-seater. With plenty of boot, Bond would hope.

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