1. 'Trailer B' To Premiere On ET tomorrow!

    By daniel on 2002-09-05

    'john007' has written in to let us know that the second teaser trailer for Die Another Day, Trailer B, will premiere on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow.

    As usual ET have showed a slight preview which included at least three small clips;

    1. Halle Berry emerging from the water in slow motion. She was almost jumping up out of the water. It looked like she was being watched through binoculars.

    2. Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan (Jinx and Bond) introducing themselves to each other in Cube. "My friends call me Jinx, my friends call me James Bond…"

    3. A night-time scene outside the Ice Palace where Bond comes around a car (i think) and Miranda Frost pulls hium close to him and kisses him.

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