1. Clip of Bond Song Unofficially Confirmed!…

    By David Winter on 2002-08-28

    Forum user Robster006 has tired his best to research the origins of the 35 second clip we've been hearing a lot about, and come up with this….Robster006 writes:

    A fellow Madonna-mad forum member MadGuy has been in touch with Hamad over at the madonna Queendom forum to see if he could confirm if the song was really the real thing. Hamad has a few friends in the business. He has been saying that he knows a few people that have the song. Apparantly he knows the person who actually ripped the song and leaked it on Kazaa in the first place! They told him that the song is real! The bad news is that that person doesn't have any intention of leaking the entire song anytime soon! But he did mention the following piece of information:

    she talks a bit in the song [Erotica/Paradise-ish] and vocoders are used…

    So, we have officialy been listening to the first 35 seconds of Die Another Day. MadGuy has also been in contact with Michel Colombier to see if the song is real, so we could have another confirmation, but we haven't heard from him yet!

    Interesting stuff, and a fairly solid confirmation on the song….Feel free to discuss this amazing development in this thread.