1. First 35 seconds of Title Song Leaked!

    By David Winter on 2002-08-27

    A sudden discovery of a 35 second clip of the forthcoming song for Die Another Day was found on Kazaa today, and it sent the Bond and Madonna fan communities into a frenzy.

    The few bars of the song, presumably are the bars of the introduction, featuring strings by Michael Colombier, as promised, which are then cut up by the producer of the track (and producer of many of Madonna's recent tracks), Mirwais. A jumpy electronic beat is then added in the gaps of the cut string samples.

    Reaction to this sudden appearance has sparked controversy, as many fans claim it is "Unbondian," though reaction to it has been positive on the whole.

    Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, we can't link directly to the song, we can merely point you in the right direction. If you wish to hear it, you will have to download Kazaa and try and gain access to a copy.

    Feel free to discuss any opinions on the song in this thread.