1. Ten Minutes Of Footage Shown In Australia!

    By daniel on 2002-08-21

    Garth Franklin from Dark Horizons was lucky enough to catch ten minutes worth of Die Another Day footage recently, and he's posted a report about it on his website.

    Of course it does contain certain spoilers, so you'll have to hightlight to read.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The clip started off with Bond and a fellow agent (Colin Salmon) in an office hallway sneaking down and taking out armed guys in black outfits who seem to be conducting a raid. Bond steps into an office and there’s M held at gunpoint in front of one of the men. Bond takes a few steps forward, pauses and then fires (cut to black). Lots of stuff is seen – Rick Yune appears in many scenes with a bald head, pale eyes and these wierd silver metallic stretch mark style rivulets down half his face. M comments to Bond welcoming him ‘back’ as such from what sounds like a retirement, there’s the ice car chase which looks spectacular, Berry popping out of the water in her bikini, lots of scenes involving lasers, and the money shot – an awesome FX scene where it looks like half a forest explodes upwards from a shockwave. A bit of the plot is elaborated upon – a stunt where a man parachutes into Buckingham Palace introduces us to the Richard Branson-esque Gustav Graves whose developing a satellite technology called Icarus which will in effect create a ‘second sun’ of sorts. However like all baddies there’s a lot more to it than that.

    The footage screening was organised by Fox in Australia. Garth tells us that tt was mentioned afterwards that the film contains around 400 something CG FX shots, about 20-30 times that of an average Bond film. Expect a trailer using elements from this footage to appear shortly.

    Sounds very promising. There are some special effects in there that I'd really love to see!

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