1. New Birmingham IMAX in time for ‘Skyfall’

    By Timothy Williams on 2012-06-12

    Birmingham is due to receive a brand new IMAX screen in time for the release of ‘Skyfall’, the first James Bond movie to be released in the format, which offers greater screen size and resolution.

    A year after the City lost its ten-year-old screen at Millenium Point, IMAX is making its way back. Cineworld Broad Street is set to benefit from a near £1 million investment in the technology.

    Manager Paul Millington said he was looking forward to having IMAX at his cinema.

    “Our IMAX screen will go into Screen 6, which is one of our biggest,” he said.

    “We will lose around 80 seats at the front, but everyone else will then be faced with this huge screen. Because it’s a false ceiling above the theatre, we can take the new screen really high inside the auditorium.

    We’re hoping to have it installed in time for the new Bond movie at the end of October.”