1. Surfer Wanted Hydrofoil In Pre-Title Sequence

    By daniel on 2002-08-05

    Laird Hamilton has revealed that he wanted a 'Hydrofoil' that he invented in the pre-title sequence of Die Another Day.

    'Dmitri Mishkin' tells us the 'hydrofoil is basically an elevated surfboard on water – there is a strap for one boot (a la snowboard) and a little rutter attached to the board that allows you to steer'.

    Laird did reveal that he approached the producers of Die Another Day with his idea, however, they rejected it saying the felt that the audience wouldn't believe its plausibility and would feel that it wasn't real.

    Thanks to 'Dmitri Mishkin' for letting us know about the news, if you'd like to discuss it please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.