1. Bond A No-Show At The San Diego Comic Con

    By johncox on 2002-08-04

    On Saturday I attended the San Diego Comic Con, one of the biggest annual gatherings of hard-core movie fans and geeks on the planet. From Paramount there were people dressed in Star Fleet uniforms handing out free NEMISIS posters, Bryan Singer flew down from the set of X-MEN 2 with fresh footage, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings were EVERYWHERE…

    James Bond and Die Another Day? Nadda, nothing, zip.

    Okay, on Friday I heard there was a 40th Anniversary presentation (not in the main room), but apparently the much discussed DAD presentation was just the teaser. Instead MGM sent the cast of "Bulletproof Monk" and that was what they devoted the majority of their hour on. Baffling.

    I did see the Sideshow figures (look great) and I did get a preview card from Rittenhouse (had to ask, they didn't even have them out), but I was very disappointed in the lack of any DAD hype. It really makes me angry. MGM will trot out that damn Aston Martin for Show West or Canne, but they can't put on a sexy presentation for these legions of young fans who are really on the fence when it comes to Bond. That Aston Martin sitting on the convention center floor would have done wonders in reminding these kids that Bond is still cool.

    But this sure isn't the first time MGM/Eon has ignored the San Diego Con (which I think of as the Show West for fans). The last time I went to the San Diego Con was in '99. There was zip for TWINE while Sleepy Hollow had a huge display. And yet, the two movies opened on the same day and TWINE won the weekend.

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