1. More Sex Please, He's British

    By daniel on 2002-08-04

    It's a case of More Sex Please, He's British for Lee Tahamori when it comes to Die Another Day. The BBC have scored an interview with Lee Tamahori, where the director expesses the exasperations of many fans. Why is it when Bond is in bed with women we nearly always found him post-coital?

    Well it seems Lee headed out to change the situation so that fans world-wide will actually get to see Bond "bonking". In the interview Lee explains how he expressed the decision to the producers and then went ahead with it.

    While details aren't revealed, the Die Another Day teaser trailer shows a brief, yet still alluring, glimpse of James Bond showing Miranda Frost exactly how the horizontal folk dance is really done.

    And to Lee, I say thank you.

    Thanks also goes out to Simon and 'S' for sending in news of the article! Which you can discuss in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. See you there!