1. Die Another Day props to feature James Bond Exhibiton

    By David Winter on 2002-07-31

    According to Empire Online there will be a few props from Die Another Day that will feature the James Bond Exhibiton in Bradford, England.

    The article reads;

    This Autumn will be a veritable feast of the senses for Bond fans. Not only will they be piling into cinemas to see the new Bond film Die Another Day, and celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Bond films in general – they'll also have a rather fantastic Bond exhibition to look forward to.

    Empire Online was on hand this morning to see the details of London's Science Museum's Bond, James Bond – the Official 007 Exhibition unveiled. The exhibition, which premiered earlier this year at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford will feature an extra three tennis courts worth of props from the 20 Bond films – almost half of which will be from the latest addition to the franchise.

    'We can't confirm exactly what props the exhibition will feature from Die Another Day,' the exhibition's curator Declan Norris told us. 'We're doing the measurements now to see what we can winch into the space. But I can tell you what's being considered – Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) an ice dragster, a plane that gets blown up (with the same model of the plane in perfect, pre-explosion condition) and the ice furniture from Bond baddie Gustav Graves’ palace of the same material, and a big model of the ice palace’.

    The exhibition opens in London on 16 October 2002. The Empire Online team await with bated breath….

    The English CBn Staff too, that's for sure 😉

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