1. ‘Skyfall’ Teaser Trailer Breakdown

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-06-10

    CBn brings you a complete break down of the Skyfall Teaser Trailer.  Spoilerific content ahead, so read at your own risk.

    The trailer opens with a beautiful shot overlooking London, giving us our first glimpse at Bond himself, and the amazing cinematography by Roger Deakins. This scene is thought to be right at the end of the movie. As clapperboard pictures from this scene were leaked last November, showing this as Scene 172. It is thought that this shot will close Skyfall, as it does seem the perfect way to end it. Bond looking over London, ready for duty.

    This shot is thought to be James Bond in training. Rumours suggest that our favourite agent has been taken off duty, and needs to get back in shape. What better way to do this than running through the cold streets of London. As long as we don’t get a Rocky style montage complete with theme, this could prove to be a very good scene.

    Here’s one for the girls, no doubt Barbara Broccoli demanded this scene to be filmed with Craig topless. Who could blame her? It is unknown what is exactly happening here, but Bond seems to be in some sort of bathroom. I don’t think Mendes has gone so far to show Bond doing his buisiness, but the cinematography is this scene looks absoloutely stunning. Looks like Deakins will not dissapoint us.

    Looks like Bond will be doing a bit of weapons training in Skyfall as well. I think it’s safe to say that this is all part of him getting back into shape. We’ve heard whispers that Bond will also be missing his target. Looks like he’s in worse shape than we think.

    “Country… England… Gun… Shot… Murder… Employment…Agent… Provocateur… Skyfall…SKYFALL…done.”

    So now we come to the word association game. Easily one of the most interesting parts of the full teaser. It looks like we’ll see Bond getting some kind of psychological evalulation in ‘Skyfall’. Just what is Skyfall? It must be something bad. Considering how Bonds face just drops like that. The majority of CBn’ers have a feeling that Skyfall is an operation M hushed up during the cold war, and that Bond unearths evidence before he’s taken off duty. We also know that Bond and M will be traveling to Scotland later on in the movie. To a place called ‘Skyfall Lodge’, funnily enough. A graveyard is also rumoured to be featured outside the lodge, along with the tomb stones of Bonds parents. We’ll let you work that one out.

    As Roger Deakins gives us another mouth watering image, don’t forget to notice the dead dude in the chair. We don’t actually know who this is, but Bond has his gun arm raised so he’s ready for buisiness. This scene is thought to be as early as the Pre Title Sequence, and is apparently set above a cafe.

    Here we have our very first look at  Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) as well as our regulars M (Judi Dench) and Bill Tanner (Rory Kinnear). It is unknown who exactly Mallory might be, but it is rumoured that You Know Who will be making a dramatic return. Nah, just kidding. We have an inking that Mr Fiennes just might be replacing someone in that room by the end of the movie. I wonder who that could be.

    “Skyfall…” – “Done.”

    As Bond gets up to leave, we’re sat wondering what exactly Bond means by ‘done’. Is he done with the evaluation? Or, is ‘Skyfall’ done. Only time will tell, but one thing is obvious. This looks like it will be Bonds toughest assigment yet.

    As we enter the more dramatic section of the trailer, we’re introduced with a lovely image of the Shanghai skyline. What brings Bond here? Rumour has it that he’s tailing someone.

    Now, this is an interesting one. As we get our first glimpse of Severine (Bérénice Marlohe), there’s something very wrong with this shot. If you look closely on the floor, we can see that the window has been shot out. And recent images released show that before or after this scene, Bond is on the scene, staying in the shadows. Now, one thing is clear by this scene, Severine doesn’t seem to be the target. Is she a bad girl? Has she lured the target into her room? Has she been attacked and got some kind of guardian angel? Marlohe has said that her favourite Bond girl is Xenia Onatopp. Will she be adopting some characteristics from the GoldenEye femme fatale? If so, Bond better watch out.

    As Bond bursts through Whitehall, shooting in time to the music, it’s beyond us what he’s actually shooting at. But if you look in the background, there’s 3 massive bullet holes in the wall, so it looks like Bond has had a few shots fired at him beforehand. No one in the right mind could fault Bonds terrifyingly cool image here though. Looks like he’s sporting the PPK as well.

    A very striking image here, as M looks over 8 coffins. So what exactly has happened here? Reports indicate that these are the casualties from the MI6 blast. Whether this is the entire 00 section, it is unkown, but it would fit in nicely to the plot if Bond was the last one alive.

    Bond making his way to the ‘Floating Dragon Casino’ , the scene in question takes place in Macau, and shows Bond in a tux. It is rumoured that Bond will be involved in a fight with a Komodo Dragon later on in this scene. Only time will tell.

    If there’s ever an award for ‘Most Erotic Shaving Scene’ this will probably win hands down. Here we see Eve (Naomie Harris) getting rid of Bonds stubble in Macau.

    Bond running through the streets of London, away from Police and Ambulances. Looks like he’s giving chase. I have no idea why he’s in the middle of the road, but it seems to make the entire shot a lot more dramatic.

    This shot apparently takes place right at the end of the Pre Title Sequence, and rumours suggest that Bond falls into the water from a bridge, during the dramatic train sequence, and is pressumed dead. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that this is the entire reason he has to be re-evaluated.

    Here we come to the attack on Skyfall lodge, which is rumoured to be the final set piece. If you look closely at the first image, you can see M and Kincade (Albert Finney) cowering against the wall in the background. It looks like they’re in as much danger as Bond. Could M meet her maker in this scene? Could Bond give her a weapon? Who knows. It’s all very exciting though. Looks like we’re getting some kind of Helicoper Assault as well, judging by the middle image. Then there’s the whole rumour that this is apparently Bonds ancestrial home. And yet, they’re they are, ruining his dining room.

    Could this be our first glimpse at Patrice? (Ola Rapace), it’s a bit strange that the first we see of him is him falling to his death though. Who could this be?  Looks like a beautiful shot though.

    One of the most exciting shots of the entire trailer. The DB5 returns, and Bond and M overlook the Scottish Highlands. Rumour has it that they’re both on the run, and apparently in this scene, M and Bond share a drink outside and talk about Bonds childhood.

    An explosion causes a train to tear through the cieling of an underground cavern, caused by Silva.

    Judging by the dramatic lighting, and the way Bond steps into it, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was our first look at Bond in Skyfall. The lighting fits in with the Cafe scene explained earlier, which is meant to be the Pre Title Sequence.

    Our first look at Silva (Javier Bardem) walking towards Skyfall Lodge.

    Patrice takes aim with a Sniper Rifle in Shanghai.

    “Some men are coming to kill us… we’re gonna kill them first.”

    Looks like Bond is ready for action again. But, who’s he talking to?

    I have a sneaking feeling it’s Judi Dench.

    Bond and Patrice fight in Shanghai, as Skyfall Lodge blows up and Bond runs to safety through an underground tunnel, probably at Skyfall lodge.

    Bond turns around and takes aim at Silva’s abandoned city in Hashima. If we look at the second image it seems to be our very first look at the train chase sequence from the Pre Titles Sequence, many beatle cars fall into the path of Eve. The final image shows Bond getting strangled underwater, no one really knows where this takes place in the movie, although it looks as if it’s at Skyfall Lodge, but I could be wrong.

    Here is a shot only available in the UK version of the trailer. Bond in Macau, throws a punch at a guard. It looks like he’s wearing a full tuxedo, so this could take place shortly after the casino scene. Bond throws himself onto the back of a train from a bridge, the bike he’s using falling beneath him and here we come to the final shot of the teaser. Bond tailing Patrice in Shanghai.

    So there you are. Our complete breakdown of the Skyfall teaser. If you want to join in the discussion and give us your thoughts on the trailer, register to the CBn forums today!