1. The Girls attending Graves' Party

    By David Winter on 2002-07-31

    Absolutely James Bond, partially sourcing Sunday Sport, have reported about the girls that will attend Gustav Graves' Party at the Ice Palace in Die Another Day.

    Two of the names on the list have previously been revealed by CommanderBond.Net back in May (Helena Topper and Rachel Grant). The rest of the list is as follows;

    – Camilla
    – Anna Edwards
    – Kim Ross
    – Helena Topper
    – Vanessa Perroncel
    – Nicola Merry
    – Abby Essien
    – Michelle Clack
    – Rachel Grant

    Quoting Sunday Sport, Absolutely James Bond reports further on;

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    They are hired to distract Bond’s roving eye at Graves’ party. They are clad in cat suits and are under the supervision of Halle Berry. Later a vicious fight ensues when Bond attempts to escape and the girls try to stop him reaching his Aston Martin. He does so but Graves gives pursuit in his Jaguar and the pair battle across a frozen lake matching each other for weapons and gadgets.

    You will notice that Anna Edwards, the newest 'DAD' Cast member which has also been revealed by CommanderBond.Net, isn't on that list, which means she could still be in race to play mysterious 'Scorpion Girl'. According to Absolutely James Bond some publicity shots of Scorpion Girl were taken some days ago, so be sure to watch out magazines and online outlets! CBn will keep you informed!

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