1. What Is Jinx's Role In Die Another Day?

    By David Winter on 2002-07-27

    Halle Berry's character Jinx has been the most speculated and debated character of Die Another Day to date. It all began with Berry's revelation that Jinx was a villain, then there was some backstepping with Berry saying her character wasn't actually a villain.

    While her exact role to date isn't quite known we'd like to present two pieces of 'evidence' which could shed more light on Jinx. And if it sheds no more light, it should definetley add to the speculation.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    The first bit of information to be presented is one recently discovered, however, it is dated. It comes from a BBC America news clip of the press conference in Cadiz. It’s dated sometime in April 2002. A frame from the
    interview is below;

    If one pays careful attention to the caption under Halle Berry’s name you’ll
    note it reads, The New Blofeld.

    So is Halle Berry actually the films villain? By this stage Berry had
    ‘confirmed’ she’d be appeared in Die Another Day as Bond’s ally.

    To add weight to the theory that Berry may actually be the films villain are
    Pierce Brosnan’s recent comments.
    In a recent interview Brosnan stated that when Bond turns to Jinx, “even she
    turns out to be something that she’s not”.

    So is Jinx the films villain? And more importantly, will she return for Bond

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