1. Brosnan Reveals Details On Die Another Day Plot

    By daniel on 2002-07-26

    In an interview that has appeared on Yahoo Movies actor Pierce Brosnan has revealed details on Die Another Day's plot and a gadget we'll see Bond with.

    To begin with, Pierce revealed some details on the plot. Some visitors may consider the details spoilers, so please read them accordingly;

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read

    This time Bond is working outside his super-secret British spy agency, and he’s not sure if they are giving him the right information.

    Then again, the villain, who, of course, wants to take over the world, tries to lure Bond to his side by masquerading as a good guy. “He’s betrayed by the bad guys and he’s betrayed by his own people,” Brosnan said.

    Poor Bond doesn’t know whom to trust.

    So Bond turns to this version’s Bond girl, Jinx, played by Halle Berry. But even she turns out to be something she’s not.

    Pierce also went on to say that the film "lends itself to a far better movie that just having special effects, followed by more special effects, followed by a bedroom sequence," Brosnan said. "There was stuff to play, and that's what you're always looking for as an actor."

    On a gadget we'll see Bond using? Bond also has a supersonic ring that "enables him to get out of certain situations" and, as always, a sports watch that does more than simply tell time.

    All sounds rather impressive, and it's great to see someone in the crew plugging the films plot as opposed to solely mentioning action sequences.

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    Finally, a big thanks to Xenobia, MBE and Rubixcub for alerting us to the article!