1. David Arnold Describes His DAD Score

    By daniel on 2002-07-26

    At the recent golfing event organised by the Ian Fleming Foundation composer David Arnold received numerous questions about his forthcoming score for Die Another Day. Two of his answers have surfaced online already, one of which, is very convuluted.

    First off, a user of who attended the event asked Arnold about the score. From here on in it can get confusing. Arnold told him "its going to be symphonic, ethnic, electro, cuban, Icelandic, space bond music". That's a hell of a description, and a hell of a mouthful.

    However, forum user 'Colonel Moon' has created a clever breakdown for the description. It does involve speculation, and some spoilers, so please consider yourself warned.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    symphonic – Music could occur during a variety of sequences. For instance, the hovercraft chase.

    ethnic – ‘Ethnic’ music could appear during sequences of the film that take place in North Korea and also Hong Kong.

    electro – Music could feature during the MI6 VR training sequence involving Bond. The sequence has already displaying a computerised edge through footage, this could obviously also be reflected in the score.

    Cuban – Cuban music is obviously going to feature during the films Cuban scenes.

    Icelandic – Cuban music is obviously going to feature during the films Iceland scenes, including scenes in the Ice Palace. It’s also possible that by ‘Icelandic’ Arnold is referring to an ‘icey’ feel as opposed to Icelandic ‘folk’ music.

    Bond music – is really a given

    Space – Music would feature with scenes involving Icarus, the space solar weapon contolled by Gustav Graves

    Another of Arnold's comments have appeared online at Rob Snow attented the golf event and Rob's reported is featured on the site. "After meeting David Arnold he told me that his music for Die Another Day would be 'the same but different'. When I asked him if the sword he had won in the auction was to use on Madonna he just said, 'this will come in useful during the next few weeks'! He has also written a song with Don Black (also at the dinner on John Barry's table) for the film but does not know if it will be included in the final cut. "

    Some great comments there, especially about the song that he has composed with Don Black. Even if it isn't included in the final cut, I sincerely hope that it makes it to the score, much like "Only Myself To Blame" did with the TWINE score.

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    A big thanks to 'level007', 'Colonel Moon' and Michel for sending in information for this report!