1. Cleese launches the Revlon 007 Colour Collection

    By Brett McAleer on 2002-07-25

    New York's Daily News has reported that John Cleese yesterday launched the Revlon's new colour collection inspired by Die Another Day's Bond girls Halle Berry and Rosemund Pike.

    The news report:

    Weird science

    John Cleese takes over the role of James Bond's gadget-dispensing Q in "Die Another Day." And, yesterday, the Monty Python veteran got into character for the launch of Revlon's 007 Color Collection, a makeup line inspired by new Bond girls Halle Berry and Rosamund Pike.

    Donning a lab coat at Django restaurant, spymaster Cleese fiddled with some vials that British Intelligence supposedly used to distill the top-secret lipstick shades. In reality, he confessed, "I'm so hopeless with anything technical that you wouldn't believe it. It's funny, because [current Bond] Pierce Brosnan is hopeless with gadgets."

    Cleese replaces the original Q, Desmond Llewelyn, who died in 1999 in a car accident. He was 80. Llewelyn and Cleese "had a plan," the 62-year-old comedian told Daily News fashion editor Alev Aktar. "He was going to go on until he was 100, and at that point I was going to be 80 and would have learned enough to take the role over properly."

    We'll see how he fares on Nov. 22, when the movie opens.

    Thanks to john007 for reporting this news, and you can discuss it in this thread.