1. Paul Kyriazi's 'James Bond Lifestyle' Comes To Book Format

    By daniel on 2002-07-23

    Over the past three years if you visited Amazon and searched for James Bond books then you'd have found How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle by Paul Kyriazi in the top 5 selling James Bond books.

    How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle has always been an audio-book, however, we've just received word that author Paul Kyriazi has converted, and extended, the audio-book into a new paperback to be released this September.

    Entitled The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar, this 261 page book is something you'll be bound to hear a tad more about at

    The book has been organised into chapters and sub-headings. The chapter headings include; Re-invent Yourself, Your Appearance, Your Bond Car, Bond Girls, Exotic Hotels, Casino Gamblnig, Your Mission, Upgrading Your Image, The Greatest Adventure, and The Ultimate Secret Of Women.

    It all sounds very promising.

    Despite having a September 2002 release date, advanced copies can already be ordered from Paul's website. Visit for information on how to do that! The Complete James Bond Lifestyle Seminar is retailing for US$20 on Paul's site.

    Stay tuned to for all the latest literary James Bond news.