1. Helicopters fly through Tower Bridge for Olympics

    By David Winter on 2012-06-10

    Two helicopters have flown through Tower Bridge in London, filming footage  that is believed to appear in the James Bond feature to open the Olympic games this summer.

    Is this the helicopter Daniel Craig will climb down from for London 2012?

    Yesterday evening, a helicopter with a camera mounted on the front followed a second sporting the colours of the Union Jack through Tower Bridge in central London.

    The Port of London Authority has confirmed the filming was related to the upcoming Olympic Games.

    This news fits in well with the recent rumours that Daniel Craig would be opening the London 2012 Olympic Games by climbing down a rope ladder attached to a helicopter, hovering above the Olympic stadium.

    Filming with Daniel Craig has already taken place at Buckingham Palace, with a cameo from Her Majesty the Queen also. The feature is being directed by Danny Boyle.

    Thanks to @ash_matadeen for the tip off.