1. No New DAD Trailer Till September

    By daniel on 2002-07-23

    'GoldfingerRand' has written in to let us know that there will be no new Die Another Day trailer on Austin Powers Goldmember.

    In fact, no new trailers are scheduled to be released for Die Another Day until mid-September. The tenative date for the next trailers release is September 20. However, as the date is tenative the release date could change by a week or so.

    So what films could have the Die Another Day trailer attached come September? September 20 sees an MGM release A Guy Thing being released in theatres. The Transporter is also released on September 20, and it's a Fox release so it too might include the Die Another Day Trailer.

    Other September releases from MGM and Fox include; Swimfan, Barbershop and Dark Blue. Dark Blue stars Kurt Russel and at this stage seems the most promising out of the lot.

    If you'd like to discuss the trailer news please do so in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. See you there!