1. Daniel Craig talks Skyfall for Total Film

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-06-09

    The next issue of Total Film will give Bond fans some solace next month as ‘Skyfall’ fronts the Summer issue.  Daniel Craig has given an interview on his 3rd James Bond outing, which is for the time being, strictly confidential. But for now, let CBn tease you with a little snippet…

    Licence to thrill as James Bond shoots back onto Magazine Stands.

    When asked how himself and director Sam Mendes decided on Skyfalls tone, Craig said.

    “I reread the books, he read the books, we watched the movies, we talked about the Roger Moore movies, the Sean Connery movies, the whole thing. There’s a sort of tone that’s in all those movies that you can’t try to recreate. If you do, then it’s a pastiche. Neither Sam nor I want to make a pastiche of an older movie. But you have flavours of it.”

    On prepping Skyfall during the MGM crisis, Craig said:

    “The MGM thing was a silver lining situation where, for the first time, we had a lot of time to work on the script. We weren’t publicly allowed to say we were doing anything, but we were secretly meeting. It wasn’t full bore until everything was given the green light, but we were very optimistic it would happen.”

    Little else is known about the contents of the article, but unseen pictures have been promised. So make sure you pick up the next issue of Total Film, to read the rest of the interview and get unseen global access on Skyfall and James Bonds golden anniversary.