1. Gamespot Preview NightFire – New Art Work Also Revealed (PC)

    By David Winter on 2002-07-19

    The new art work for the NightFire logo is enough to show you how good the game is looking out to be. But if you're not already drooling, if you take a look at some of the new screenshots that have come about on the new Gamespot preview, you'll be sure to start!

    The preview goes into the differences between the console versions and the PC version of the game, clearly stating that the PC one is the more unique. The PC version will unfortunately not feature the driving and flying levels – but to make up for the loss, Gearbox has added PC specific levels that make the game longer than any of the console versions. Aswell as this, there is the Online Multiplayer feature which will add lots more excitement to the game (at last, I can settle the dispute of me being the best Bond gamer :D). Hopefully with this, we'll see mod capabilites (as we talked about earlier this year) which will allow the creation of fan based maps and skins – imagine running around in Blofeld's Volcano – one map I'd love to see created by someone!

    Each area in NightFire will be more exotic than the next, finally culminating in the most exotic location on Earth: the stratosphere. The final mission in the game takes place aboard a low-gravity space station, which is clearly a tribute to Moonraker.

    For more, be sure to check out the article over at Gamespot!