1. New 'Bond Girl' Cosmetic Brand To Be Released

    By daniel on 2002-07-16

    A new brand of cosmetics called 'Bond Girl' will appear on shelves world-wide later this year.

    'Bond Girl' will feature a wide range of products including perfume, hair care products and cosmetics. At this stage it is still unknown as to whether or not the Bond Girl products will be a part of the Revlon tie-in campaign with Die Another Day.

    The products will be released in November to co-incide with the release of Die Another Day. A similair line of products was released in 1965 to co-incide with the release of Thunderball, the year when 'Bond-mania' reached its peak. The products then included mens aftershave, there is still no word on whether or not a male line shall be released as well.

    The 'Bond Girl' line will reportedly have two former Bond Girls as its 'face'. The first Bond Girl Ursula Andress and Sophie Marcaeu will both be working to promote the cosmetic line.

    As spokesman for the project said that "Bond girls are strong women who know how to take care of themselves" and that the cosmetic line would be marketed accordingly.

    Thanks to 'Colonel Moon' for sending the news in to us.