1. Exclusive: New Trailer To Screen With Goldmember

    By daniel on 2002-07-16

    When Austin Powers Goldmember hits theatres this Friday in the United States and United Kingdom, Bond fans will be in for a treat. Screening with the third Austin Powers film, Goldmember, will be the Die Another Day trailer.

    Goldmember is distributed by New Line Cinema who made an agreement with MGM earlier in the year that saw them able to use Goldmember as the films title, but also required them to screen the Die Another Day trailer with the film. To ensure that theatres show the trailer it is attached to the first reel of Goldmember, other trailers are likely to come on a separate reel.

    There is no word yet on the content of the trailer but CommanderBond.Net has been told that it's a different trailer than that released earlier this year. Whether that means this trailer is a full trailer or another teaser trailer, one can only speculate.

    'Costa' wrote in to tell us about the new trailer after they viewed Goldmember recently. They admit to not being a huge Bond fan and not having seen the first trailer. But they assured us, the trailer they had just viewed as "awesome".

    Only time will tell, until then keep your eyes peeled to the official Bond site, Yahoo Movies and your local movie theaters.

    As soon as we find out more, you can be sure you'll read it here at CommanderBond.Net!

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