1. Raymond Benson's The Black Stiletto

    By Athena Stamos on 2011-03-20

    Former James Bond continuation novelist (1996-2002) Raymond Benson has been hard at work on his new book: The Black Stiletto.

    The Black Stiletto cover

    Could Martin Talbot’s elderly, Alzheimer-stricken mother really have been the Black Stiletto? When Martin discovers several volumes of diaries hidden by his mother Judy he is stunned beyond all imagination. His mother, the underground heroine of yesteryear? Could it be true? Talbot is filled with doubt and disbelief. But the reappearance of one of the Stiletto’s old enemies with a thirst for merciless revenge makes the story more than real and could imperil the life of not only the Stiletto, but her son and granddaughter as well.

    The book’s media-stocked website,, is freshly launched; featuring video, photos, and illustrations of the mysterious crime-fighter. The site also includes praise from Jeffery Deaver, author of the new James Bond novel Carte Blanche.

    Visit the web-site and check out the book trailer for everything you need to know before diving into the pages of The Black Stiletto!

    The Black Stiletto will be released on September 5, 2011. In fact you can already pre-order the hardcover on where an E-book will later be made available. Also “LikeThe Black Stiletto on Facebook.