1. 'A View To A Kill': Evolution Of An Ad Campaign

    By johncox on 2002-07-14

    Our look at the evolution of a films advert campaign continues today with this look at A View To A Kill.

    The concept design for the AVTAK campaign suggests Grace Jones will feature prominently.

    The breath-taking Advance-A poster used an image of Moore from Octopussy.

    The Advance-B poster pitches the Bond/May Day match up…

    The final US one-sheet… but where’s May Day?

    The Thai version combines the 3 U.S. posters into one and uses a small amount of original art.

    A rare UK one-sheet returns to the simple Bond/May day match up.

    This German poster combines the Advance-B poster and the final US one-sheet.

    AVTAK comes to TV and gets a new tag line (that's quite a mouthful). Whatever happened to less is more?

    The AVTAK DVD gets a new title logo and uses a pic of Moore from Octopussy. The question is, why?