1. Goldmember Pays Homage To Live And Let Die

    By daniel on 2002-07-14

    Rich has sent us in this information on a scene in the forthcoming Austin Powers Goldmember that spoofs Live And Let Die. I've seen the scene myself, I'm sure most of us have, and I agree with Rich on this one!

    GOLDMEMBER spoofs Bond in many ways I’m sure, but the one scene I saw recently parodied a scene from LIVE AND LET DIE. Only true diehard 007 fans would probably even notice the comparison. In the scene set inside a Japanese sauna, Austin Powers runs to escape Fat Bastard. To get to the other side of the room he is in the fastest way possible, Powers notices 4 men floating in a large Jacuzzi, then climbs the steps and leaps from one person’s chest to the next! Each person spits water out of their mouth as he steps on their chest. This scene parodies the one in which Moore escapes from an alligator pool by stepping on the backs of gators to reach land.

    Goldmember is released next week and will have a trailer for Die Another Day attached to it! More on that soon!

    Big thanks to Rich for spotting the homage/spoof and sending it in to us!